About FSL

FSL is a tool that make your online presence smoother. It is almost impossible to memorize every important link you might want to share with friends or family members or business partners and clients, so posting them on long social media or emails can be quite frustrating.

This is where FSL comes in to the rescue!

How does it work?!

If you don't care about how the links will look, you can use the automatically generated one. It's a string of random characters and numbers, with the length of six characters. You can also choose to use your own custom string, and they can be as short as four characters!

Then, when somebody uses the short link, we are trying to find it in the database - if it exists, we will redirect the visitor to the original link. Everything happens instantly. If it doesn't exist, we will show a 404 page.

What about the Anonymous Redirection?

The anonymous redirection is a feature that allows you to redirect your visitors to a page of your choice, without revealing the HTTP Referer header. This is useful when you want to share some links, but you want to hide the source of the link.