Frequently Asked Questions


Why another short link service? I can use Bitly!

Of course you can! I just wanted to build my own short link service, and decided to share it with you. I was a huge fan of, until they sent it to the "Google Graveyard".

Take a look at the current list of FSL features here.

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Do you have some other domains to offer instead of using

Yes, but it's not ready yet. It wil be operational within a few months. It's the domain.

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What's with the Sheep?

My daughter is learning words (she's 2 now) and she finds the "Baaa" hilarious. She's also a little bit of a sheep.

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How long will my shortened links live?

Until we end the service (hopefully, never).

Will they get deleted?!

No, unless you delete them.

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Can I password-protect them?

Yes. You can password-protect your links according to the limitations.

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Are there any statistic for my short links?

Yes. You can find statistics in your dashboard in the Stats section.

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What if I encounter on some malicious short link?

Let us know immediately!

If you encounter a malicious short link, please contact us, and we'll take appropriate actions against it, according to the Terms and Conditions.

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What's this template?

It's a template built by HTML5 UP, and licensed under the Creative Commons license.

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